Post legal tech pulse check, transformation begins here.

From large-scale to boutique law firms, our experience informs our growing reputation. Here are a few examples of our impact.

“Having grown a lot in recent years, it was time for us to step back and look at the combination of technology that we’ve assembled to see what an independent third party thought of the mix, and what opportunities there are for improving and refining. Knowing that everyone involved is an expert in their field was really reassuring. And the benefit of having lawyers involved, who are inherently familiar with the challenges and pain points faced by law firms was invaluable. It is a well-structured and well-paced analysis of your entire tech ecosystem, that culminates in a detailed and workable directive forward.”


GM Digital
Mid-Tier Law Firm

“I was very drawn to the program as this was something as a firm we had not addressed for a couple of years, and it gave me the impetus to start working towards implementing better solutions. InCite gave me a framework to explore how to become more efficient and tech ready. If you’re sitting on the fence, this is absolutely necessary for any firm that wants to improve productivity and provide efficient, cost-effective services to its clients.”


Boutique Law Firm