The Process

Providing you with the practical recommendations to transform digitally, sustainably, and successfully.

The Kick Off.

In a Zoom meeting, we align on the objectives and priorities of your law firm, and outline the next steps for your pulse check. If relevant, we’ll also collect historical data and information to get a solid foundation of the lay of the land.

Infrastructure assessment workshop.

Guiding you through our custom-built online tool, the first part of the assessment looks at your infrastructure pulse across six pillars — including business, operations, process, platform, people, and security. This workshop can take up to two hours and is run by our CIO; for best results, we ask that you involve your firm’s IT teams on the Zoom call.

Legal tech assessment workshop.

The second part of the assessment analyzes your legal innovation pulse. Hosted by our Senior Attorney over Zoom, you’ll be guided through inCite Legal Tech’s online tool. Again, this workshop can take up to two hours and would greatly benefit from involving your firm’s Chief Innovation Officer or similar.

Presenting your executive report.

What you’ll receive at the end is a tangible and strategic document that details your firm’s digital scorecard. We’ll identify where your tech infrastructure could be strengthened, your priorities of focus, and how you measure against similar firms.

What happens after?

Depending on your needs, our relationship doesn’t have to stop there. Our team are available moving forward for consulting advice and strategic work, or for further pulse checks down the line.

Download a convenient overview of the process.