Innovation at the helm.

We’re an attorney-led team of digital experts, giving law firms the best possible chance at advancing their digital infrastructure. In other words, we deliver a health check on your legal tech.

John Lindsey


Has a finger on the business pulse.
A serial tech entrepreneur, John’s ability to build businesses from the ground up comes down to his excellent leadership. Attracting the right talent is about more than company vision — it’s about fostering an environment where employees, shareholders, and clients thrive. And John’s track record and multi-displinary approach is a testament to exactly that.

Anna Lozynski

Senior Attorney

Has a finger on the innovation pulse.

Starting out at a major Australian law firm, Anna has spent the majority of her legal career in-house before starting her own advisory business in 2021. As an award-winning transformer including being recognized as one of APAC’s Top 10 Innovative Lawyers by the Financial Times, Anna is on a mission to help law businesses adapt to the digital age.

Bill Bispeck

Chief Operating Officer

Has a finger on the leadership pulse.

Bill’s expertise lies in the executive. As CEO of his consulting firm, and with prior experience as an executive in three multinational firms, he thoroughly knows what is required to ensure successful digital transformation. Embracing change is easier when equipped with the insights that demand it, so that’s Bill’s modus operandi.

Neal Linson

Chief Information Officer

Has a finger on the infrastructure pulse.

An expert in guiding organizations to successfully implement AI and data transformation initiatives, Neal’s actions speak louder than words. His professional career spans multiple CIO and CDO positions with Western Digital, Broadcom and others, but it’s his aptitude to put in place the required enterprise ontologies and knowledge graph databases that strengthens the value he adds to ours.